Future Planning

The museum is established with the aim of displaying systematically one of the oldest and richest educational systems of India and present specific study of all the aspects of Indian life styles in such a manner which not only leaves the visitor spell-bound, but he also bows in reverence before the magnitude of this collection of rare, authentic manuscripts, art objects, paintings, archives etc. opening up vistas and horizons of Indology and different cultures.

The Institute aims at fulfilling the vision and mission of its Founder.
To establish a world class museum and research institute for the study of orientology and manuscriptology along with developing premium conservation and preservation practices for the heritage collection.

To promote Collection, conservation, preservation, publication of old valuable manuscripts, art objects of historic and cultural importance, and to propagate among masses the importance of traditional reservoir of knowledge of Indology and orientology and all aspects.

Origin and Inspiration of the museum
The Poet’s Anguish
At an early age of 18 years, his first creation of ‘Pranjali’ in 1954 inspired Ram Kripalu Sharma to open the gates of horizon. When he could not publish his second volume ‘Vaangmayi’, Ram Kripalu Sharma started his humble collection due to financial constraints. He made the restlessness of his soul universal. Thinking about the suffering of those thousands of litterateurs, artists whose have not priceless works were being wasted, he started the collection with just four of such manuscripts which Swelled to a hundred thousand in number.

Untimely bereavement: Passing Away of Sanjay
The bodily incarnation of some invisible soul, as it were who took birth in his home, as a son who struggled with an incurable disease all through his life, but gave his father, the determination and capacity to give a strong foundation to this work
The untimely passing away of his younger son Sanjay turned his father, a scholar and poet, into a visionary museumologist, archaeologist, manuscriptologist, and discerning collector.

This uniquze outstanding Collection of objects and materials related to the rich Indian cultural, literary and art heritage is but the ourcome of a single man’s incessant peerserverance, dedication and devotion of 45 long years. The vision and atmosphere presented here not only leaves the visitor spell – bound, but he also bows in reverence before the of magnitude of this collection of rare, authentic manuscripts, art objects, paintings, archives, ‘pattas’ and ‘parvanas’ opening up vistas and horizons of Indology and culture.

It is the immortal fruit of the saintly Pandit Ramkripalu Sharma’s single-minded, incessant aimed pursuit of 45 long and hard years.

It is an inexhaustible store of Vedic literature, Alchemy and Chemistry, Jyotish (Astronomy), Tantra-Mantra, Ayurved, Dhanurved (Archery), Medicine, Tantra practice, Avtarkatha (Tales of Incarnation) and related articles for authentic practical knowledge.

It is a rich collection of pictures and diagrams related to temple and palace Architecture, Planets and Stars, map of the sky full of Stars and Galaxies, for making Panchang (almanac), sketch maps of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra, art objects of various styles and techniques, maps and plans etc.

Woodcraft, Claycraft, pens and inkpots, writing materials of ancient times, arms and weapons, mercury formations, jeweled Ganpatis, sandals made of different metals and material, centuries old Lamps, Lamp-stands, paintings of the Vedas and Vedic Gods-all these and much more will be seen here to be believed.

It is a confluence of the sacred rivers Ganga of literature, Yamuna of culture and Saraswati of art, the Golden triangle (Triveni Sangam).

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