Glass Painting and Porcelain

Glass Painting and other painting
In this room all these are glass paintings are from 18th c. to 19th c. from different 39 places all over world, from China, France, Europe, Dutch, Japan and several Indian school like Shekhawati, Ujjain, Tanjavur, Avadh and Tamil Nadu etc. Glass paintings are quite different from paper painting because we have to paint on the backside of glass and first we have to paint eyes and nose on that basis other things are painted. Here porcelain is also displayed from different parts of world china, France, Europe, Goa and Jaipur.
At the same time Mica painting also displayed, when the camera was not available the Britishers Painted the Indian Professional on Mica and send these to England to show the Indian Culture. Mica is a transparent non-metal. Articles of Ivory and mother of pearl are also exhibited.

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